Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nfu Oh 61 Review

This will be my first nail polish review. Today I am discussing the much loved Nfu Oh 61. This is a silver holographic polish. 

I am so torn with this polish. (sigh) I wanted to love it so much. For $12.50 a bottle I should. However, I do have some issues with it. Let me start by saying I did purchase the advised aqua base to get the best performance from the polish. 

First of all, I must say, I LOVE the bottle, it's sexy. The top looks like a bustier and the bottle like a skirt, the whole bottle looks like a woman's figure (minus the head). Looking at the bottle it really seems to just be a pretty sparkly silver polish.

The length and shape of the brush appears to be average. I'm not an expert, I don't know any other way to describe it. The consistency, however, is unlike any other polish I have used before. I will admit, this is my first holographic polish, perhaps the difference is because of the shimmer it is trying to produce. This is also my first Nfu Oh polish, so... bear with me. Any ways... the polish seems, hmmm, I guess gritty is the best word to describe it. It did not apply smoothly. I had a lot of trouble with a strange texture (gritty-ness) with each brush stroke. This did seem to correct itself with only minor assistance from me going back over the nail with the brush.

The polish seemed to go on rather sheer which surprised me. I have read on other blogs that they were able to get nice coverage in two coats of color and I used the "magical" base coat. I used 3 coats. Then, out of habit I applied a topcoat. I have two babies in diapers, I wash my hands a lot, I wanted to protect this precious polish. I was upset to see the top coat seemed to make the polish finish appear more matte/dull. This top coat usually makes my polish very shiney. I was disappointed. When angling my hand in the light I could still see the holographic effect, so I let it go for the night. 

The next morning, I could still see brush strokes and the polish was not as opaque as I prefer so I added a 4th coat of color and did not add another top coat. It's really pretty under direct light. I am really eager to see it in natural light. I have seen pictures on other blogs that made me drool! I'm on day 2.5 of this manicure and there are no chips as of yet. Actually all 3 pictures above I took of my nails are from tonight. I am horrible at taking pictures and it's been raining for days so I can not get a good picture. The below picture is from I am HUGE fan of this site, if you've never been, and you're a nail polish addict, go there immediately. Isn't this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I am praying for sunshine tomorrow! It's pretty obvious the picture below was in full sun.
courtesy of
I really need the sun to shine because I have another polish I am dying to try!!! 
Nfu Oh 58!

Perfect fall shade!!! Can't wait to wear it and review it. 
This image is from thenailphile. If you like what you see to the left read this review, it's what encouraged me to purchase it.

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