Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My weekend in Pictures

I spent most of my weekend in the kitchen. I loved it!!

I made vanilla cupcakes. The frosting was a bust. But ohemgee... the cake was so yummy! Such a wonderful fluffy texture! I got the recipe from Sweetapolita.  Does anyone have a cream cheese frosting recipe that is stiff enough for cupcakes? I have yet to get one to set... everyone that I try is runny.

For dinner I made homemade calzones. I am in love with my breadmaker. It's cheap and doesn't do the baking job so well... but the kneading dough and making it rise part... awesome!

We had a lot of fun just hanging around the house.

I earned major "awesome Mom" points this weekend. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Nail Files... a week of polish

Linking up with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files. 
I am all over the place this week with my nails. I've probably painted 5 times this week. I'll share my favorites.

My first attempt at using a Konad stamper.

(green) Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen (white) Eileen by Julep & Raise Awareness by Essie

Snow Me White by Sinful with Fairycakes by butter London
This last image above is what's on my nails right now. It's a very snowy day.
 I wanted some snow inspired sparkle-y fun!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Nail Files - Jan 18th

Linking up again this Friday with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files.

I have spent most of the week wearing Can't Let Go from OPI's Mariah Carey line. It's called liquid sand.
I liked it when I first put it on and I loved it more and more with each passing day. 

I took it off and can't seem to decide on anything since. I tried the black/hot pink liquid sand also, 
Stay the Night. I don't love. So I tried it with topcoat. For me, much better. I think I'd love the black without topcoat more if the glitter was black, not hot pink.
Left: no top coat.      Right: SEVERAL layers of topcoat.
This polish has already been removed. My nails are bare and bored. 
I can not seem to decide what to keep on them.

I'm really eager for some inspiration! 
I can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Nail Files

Yay!! I'm back! I've missed this link up! Can't wait to see everyone's nails and to get inspired for future manicures!! Make sure you link up with Tara & Vicki so I can see what you're wearing!

This week, I attempted something I saw on Pinterest. I need to practice chevron. It's hard!

love this!
image found on Pinterest. Unable to find original source.

My attempt:
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new dawn, a new day.... or not

Welcome 2013. I am determined this is going to be my best year yet! 13 is my lucky number and this is probably the only year I'll be alive with a '13' in it.

Not much as really changed around here. Oliver's speech delay is looking more like Childhood apraxia of speech. This basically means his brain and the muscles in his mouth are having some trouble communicating. (Think of a stroke patient... that's acquired apraxia.) He knows what he wants to say but his mouth can't form the words. We are still in the process of testing and there is no exact way to diagnose, just a lot of observation. It's beyond frustrating for him and for me. He is learning basic sign language and is picking up more words. But our ability to communicate is not to the level I'm used to with a child his age. It's hard to know what he wants or needs and he gets so angry when I don't understand him. So, on top of his being in the terrible 2s, we are having trouble communicating.

Tomorrow Joshua and I have an appointment with his doctor as we continue down the path of determining whether or not he has ADHD, and if so, how we will begin to deal with that.

Chloe is 11. Preteen hormonal mess. Don't tell her I said that.

Tyler. My sweet baby boy is walking, running, climbing and always banging his head. Makes me so sad.

April in Paris
image found on Pinterest

 See, not much has changed since October.

Although, here's something fun. I'm going to Paris with my Momma in April!! I'll spend my birthday on the Eiffel Tower!!!
I am so excited and freaked out!!! I'll be traveling to Tampa so we can fly together and visiting my dad a little bit before and after. This trip is going to take almost 2 weeks. Aaack! I have never been away from my kids that long. Well, the two older, yes. But Ollie and Ty, no. I worry for my sweet husband. 2 weeks as a single dad. YIKES!!

I am becoming more and more and more obsessed with nail polish. I recently counted them and I was somewhere at 160 bottles. whew. I am hoping to get back to blogging more and rejoining the Nail Files linkup on Fridays. I'm late for last weeks but here are the nails I've been sporting...

butter London's The Black Knight.
It's a party on my nails. It's gorgeous!! I used 3 coats to get the opaque I like. I have not used this before so I have no idea how well it will come off. I'm hoping not to difficult. Some glitters are such a pain in the arse (butter's RosieLee but omg it's so worth it!)!

I don't expect I'll be writing everyday b/c I suck like that. But my goal is to be back Friday to share whatever is on my nails. :)

Hope everyone's week is going well. See you soon!