Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toddlers & Trains

AJ and I took the boys to breakfast and then to the Port Stanley Terminal Rail for a train ride. Port Stanley is about a 30 minute drive from here. I think pictures will describe how much fun we had so much better than my words.
Um, doesn't everyone dip their potatoes and bananas in ketchup? (Gross!)

My little boy is sooo happy to see the trains! (This is his "cheese" face LOL)

Mommy and Oliver
Mommy and Ty

Daddy and his boys

exploring the old train

an old circus car

happiest kid!

I love seeing him so happy! Both boys had fun, but Oliver understood and enjoyed everything just a little bit more than Ty. Such a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to going back to Port Stanley. The town is adorable. There  were lots of little Inns and restaurants and a beach!

I need to go do my hair before naptime is over. We are meeting friends for dinner tonight which means I have to look presentable. :) Have a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

it's Friday!!

I've been missing. School is out. Last week I had all four kids home = no free time for mom. This week is kinda back to "normal" from 9-4. Josh and Chloe are gone for half of the summer. We are on day 5. It's weird having half my kids gone.

Kind of a summary of what's been going on... 

We went to Frankenmuth, MI to meet the in-laws and have a little get away. It was hectic but fun.

We traveled to Columbus to drop off Josh & Chloe. I also got my hair cut and celebrated a friend's birthday. It was a fun weekend!

the birthday boy is on the left, my bff is on the right :)

Time to show off the nails :) Don't forget to link up with Tara & Vicki to show yours too!
I had just the simple peach shimmer (Sephora by OPI's How Cute Is That) and then decided to jazz it up with Color Club's Disco Nap and some re-inforcers.
Umm... I love this SOOOOO much!

and some more..
and gotta have the Starbucks shot! :)

I think I may do my nails like this for a wedding in a few weeks :) In the mean time, maybe I'll try other color combos! No more pictures lol.

Have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully I'll have fun pictures to share next week.