Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 6

Today is day 6 of the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge with Neely and Amber
Today's topic: Fall TV (new & returning)

Wow! This is where you see how much TV I watch. Let me first tell you, I have a DVR, so sometimes it sits and waits for me, and fast-forwarding through irritating commercials really helps me save time. I'll narrow it down so as to not overwhelm you.
I'll start with returning favorites...

The Vampire Diaries
This started as a guilty pleasure, but now I love it so much I don't care who knows. Even AJ enjoys it. We love that no one is safe! Anyone can be killed off at any moment. And, Um, Damon a.k.a Ian Somerhalder , wow, he is just gorgeous and he has a huge heart. Check out All about taking care of the environment and being nice to animals. Very cool.

Law & Order: S.V.U.
I love this show. I have loved every Law & Order series, but this has
always been my favorite, so thankfully, it's still around. This picture isn't completely accurate as the cast goes, they are really shaking things up this season, but Mariska Hargitay is still there. She is another amazing person, her foundation, helps with violence against women and child abuse.

Love love love this show. It got me through many nights of insomnia during my pregnancy with Oliver. I love the chemistry between all the characters.

Other favorites, but I'm too tired to look for pictures and write a blurb...

The Big Bang Theory, How i Met Your Mother, Blue Bloods, Harry's Law, Body of Proof, Grey's Anatomy, & Modern Family
P.S. I have a thing for legal/forensic type shows.
P.S.S. I warned you... lots of favorites!

Now for a new show...

 Hilarious new show about a married couple who just became parents. AJ and I really relate to this show sometimes. I have told everyone to watch this show, and now I'm telling you, watch this show. You don't have to be married or a parent to enjoy.

There will probably be more, but premieres are just getting started, so we'll see. :)


  1. i also love:up all night, bones, blue bloods and himym!

    happy tv watching!

  2. My hubs and I absolutely loved up all night! We started watching just because we heard it "might" be good and we ended up laughing the whole half hour! We aren't parents yet but it was still absolutely hilarious!!! Love all your other shows too!!!!!

    Xoxo, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights