Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up again this week with this kind of love for WILW. This time of year is my favorite so there's always something that I'm loving and want to share. :)

I am LOVING this CD. I picked mine up at Walmart because it was $2 cheaper than iTunes or Target. This album is amazing!! I'm telling everyone to get it. It's rare for me these days to find albums I can listen to from start to finish. This one is up there with Adele's 21.

 I am LOVING that my tree is going up this Saturday. This is my Christmas tree from last year. Let me explain! lol I am living in Canada. The next holiday is Christmas. Thanksgiving in Canada was in October (you know it in the states as Columbus Day.) Also, we are traveling to Columbus for Thanksgiving to be with family and then again the first weekend of December so my 2 older children can visit with father. So... it's this weekend or next. I say, why put off till tomorrow... (I am such a procrastinator but I love Christmas decorations!)
I heart this picture so much!!

Of course, I am LOVING the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, which you can order any time of year, however, if your barista makes it right, the holiday version has a peppermint whipped cream! Divine!! I've had two of these lovelies since I've been back in Canada, they have failed to do the special whip! Boo. Might have to ask if it's a U.S. thing only. Random tidbit, in the summer I love to order the Java Chip frap w/ Peppermint. Super yum, try it!

I am LOVING that I picked up 2 bottles of this at Meijer's in Michigan before crossing the border back into Canada. This is going to help me keep my Starbucks spending to a minimum.

Did I mention my back has been going out for like the last week? I wake up to back spasms. For the record, I am NOT loving that. A massage could be in my future... who doesn't love that? (wink)

Have a great Wednesday!

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