Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Card

Classic Damask Frame Christmas
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I have been slaving away trying to get my Christmas cards designed and all of the calendar gifts for this year. Whew. My right hand is so tired from using that darn mouse. I have been selecting pictures and editing pictures and movin stuff around. My parents requested another calendar this year, so I just had to make one for AJ's parents also. Well, I liked theirs so much I needed one and then Chloe wanted one too. At buy one at regular price and get the rest for $11 (basically $10 off) I couldn't resist!! I'm now kinda wishing I got one for Charlie too, but I have already paid for the order so I'm done. I had to get it all done tonight because some of the discounts expire. I kinda hope they renew some of them because I have a $20 coupon-thingy from the kids school pictures and now because I agreed to share what I already wanted and paid for Shutterfly gave me $10 towards my next order! So excited because there are address labels I want but I don't want to pay the listed price ($9.99) or the discounted price ($8.99) for 28 labels. If I got more, it would be worth it but it's not worth it. Vistaprint has like 140 for $1.99.  I want to apologize for this post, because it automatically was created by Shutterfly after I checked out, I can not create a new paragraph without it going like 6 inches down the page. Idk and I'm too tired to care. To summarize, if you don't use Shutterfly, you should. Love them. I have used the site for years. I especially love that I can order my prints the Friday that we drive into Columbus and I pick them up Saturday morning. No lugging memory cards and what not with me.   Have a great night/morning depending upon whenever you read this. :)

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