Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

Today I'll be linking up with Veronika at  Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams for Friday favorites. I have recently stumbled across her blog and have really enjoyed reading current and past posts. Her blog is beautiful and has a very positive feeling about it. :)

I love the idea of gathering a bunch of my current favorite things because I never have enough of one type of thing to blog about and they change from week-to-week or day-to-day so this is a nice way of sharing.

Favorite song (this week)... Down for Whatever by Kelly Rowland. I am this song right now. When you cook dinner tonight... listen to this and just try to not dance your booty off. That would be me last night. lol I was wearing Ty in the baby carrier, my dancing around put him right to sleep. I get most of my "exercising" done while cooking or doing the dishes. :)

Miss Adele. I have loved her voice and music for several years. This picture. Sigh. She is my favorite girl right now. Yes, she is my girl crush. She makes me feel better about myself even though I am not a size 6. Anyways, this look. Wow. I am so not good with makeup but THIS is my inspiration. I have similar hair and eye color, if I can figure out the products and technique, I could totally rock this look! 

Favorite... hmmm. pattern? Gray leopard print. I seem to be gravitating towards this pattern in everything! Clothes, shoes, purses. It's neutral without being boring. I'm late to the party with animal prints. I have not purchased anything yet, because of course, everything I want is sold out or too expensive for my "saving for Christmas" budget. I'd really like a simple turtle neck to wear under my new sweater wrap I wrote about here or maybe a scarf. I'm really into gray right now and always into PINK so lots to work with.

Favorite person, my husband. This picture is an oldie but goodie. Love him so much!

I don't do well with blogging on the weekend but I'm trying to be a more consistent blogger. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Awww...thank you SO much for linking up, Angela! =) Made my day! Great post & this song...I AM HOOKED! Don't know how I've never heard it before, but you know I had to get it! NO WAY to not dance! =) Thanks so much for sharing! angel & I love her too! Stunning, beautiful ANY size! =) Sexy comes in many! =)Always love animal prints & your Hubby, you, & all of your lil' angels...adorable! What a beautiful family! So great to have you here! Thanks again, Sweetheart! Happy Friday! XO