Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our long weekend

I'm sorry for my absence, I've been soaking up time with my sweetie. We had a busy, but fun weekend. The weather was amazing. The kind you wish would last year round.

Saturday AJ and I took the kids to Apple Land Station (apple orchard). We picked apples, had lunch, took a train/wagon ride and played in the pumpkin patch.We had so much fun, except for Tyler, he slept through the whole thing.

We followed up Saturday with a pretty good Sunday. I spent the first part of the day cleaning and preparing dinner. We had a couple over for dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. The original menu was supposed to be turkey and all that jazz and then last week my oven crapped out. So... we switched to potroast in the slow cooker. I felt lame. It took 20 minutes total prep time and cooked itself for 8 hours. Then I couldn't heat the dinner rolls. Ugh. I was trying in warm them in a skillet on the stove top. Didn't works so well. lol Oh well. I'll be that much more excited for November to celebrate for real. We usually celebrate with my husband's family because my parents are in Florida. (Although, I was looking forward to MY gravy and MY stuffing! and I found a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake I really want to make!)

Only not happy thing to happen this weekend was Monday. I did my nails twice. No good! Revlon Perplex and Revlon Cherry Crush. I've never been a huge fan of Revlon polish. I find it chips really soon- except for Hot Chocolate, love that one! So neither "mani" looked very good and photographed even worse so I have nothing to share with you. AJ is working crazy overtime and the boys' naps aren't insync so who knows when I'll get this ugly-bubbled polish off.  

Hoping for things to calm down a little tomorrow. It has taken me all day to write this, which is kinda lame. I need better content. lol Hopefully more tomorrow. 

Have a good night!

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