Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pride 2012

Columbus, Ohio PRIDE! 2012
230,000 people... not bad, not bad at all!!

Lots of Rainbows here. :)
Overall, the parade itself, was disappointing. Not too many floats, not as good as previous years. It seems like the parade is becoming over-run with politicians looking for support. The same crappy politicians who refuse to allow equal rights. They talk a good game but they don't vote that way. How on earth are they allowed in? But hanging out talking with my friends... ALWAYS a good time!!

After the parade we walked over to the festival and ate some "fair food". Yum! It was pretty hot and I forgot to put SPF on. Fortunately, there was some in my makeup!
I thought I was so smart wearing a cross-body bag. Until I saw this fabulous white line on my chest. Nice.

I spent a few hours with my babies, washed my face and redid my makeup and was off! Charlie picked me up and we went to visit friends, grabbed a bite at Union. ( I had the most incredible bacon cheeseburger!!) and then we went to Axis for Drag-a-palooza (HUGE drag show) followed by dancing with some some adult beverages mixed in. I had so much fun with my bestie! One of the best thing about Pride is it brings everyone back home. I got to catch up with lots of friends.
Charlie (bestie) & I

Jimmy & I
Do you like my necklace? I got it at Walmart to hide my sunburn. :)

Jey & I
I love these boys so much! It was a fantastic PRIDE!

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