Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nail Files

So, it's Friday. Not as excited as I should be. Not really sure what's wrong with me. Kinda grumpy/cranky.
I feel like doing this....
No, not really. This is Oliver's toy hamster. Yesterday, while I was making his lunch, Ollie thought it would be a good idea to float his hamster in my coffee. Instantly I was upset and then just as quickly I was laughing and reaching for my camera. It's a pretty funny site.

Moving right along to one of my favorite parts of Friday, the Nail Files. I just love painting my nails and seeing what everyone else is wearing for inspiration. Don't forget to link up with Tara & Vicki so I can see what you're wearing :)
Kind of like a tie-dye effect. I wanted bright colors and more than one. :)

 It's almost neon in some light! Love!
I used Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow, Sun-Kissed and Coral Reef and then Rimmel's Posh Pink.
My toes are Sun-Kissed (orange) :)

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!!


  1. Gorgeous! I've done the ombre effect and I really love the look. I also love Coral Reef :)

  2. your nails look amazing!!!

  3. Whoa!!! That tie dye is awesome! I would have never thought of that!

  4. That is awesome looking. I love all the bright colors together :)