Friday, June 15, 2012

The Nail Files - June 15, 2012

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We ladies love our nail polishes!!

This is what I wore last weekend and most of this week. 
Posh Pink by Rimmel
I love this color so much! It's like Barbie pink :) I love Rimmel polish! It's so durable and long lasting. 
I wish they had more color variety.

Now I have a combination of my last two Friday's posts. I am wearing Fly shown here and an accent nail of Go With the Flow-er shown here.
They matched the crazy fun loud dress I am wearing this weekend to Columbus PRIDE!! Usually it's strictly rainbow themed but Charlie decided this year should be neon and loud. I'm wishing I had bought China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy like a week ago. (p.s. I saw this morning it's what Tara is wearing this week!)

I'm really excited for this weekend. It's my favorite!! I'll share some Pride pics from the last few years :)
I hope it's not too many, but I love blogs with lots of pictures! :)

2010 (7 weeks after oliver was born!)

2011 ( was 33 weeks pregnant. only went to parade. Only picture I allowed)
I'm pumped for a great weekend! lots of Yay for Gay! 
I really hope you all have as  great a weekend as I know I'm gonna have 
and filled with just as much love too!


  1. I love the blue color Fly! Very pretty!

  2. Yay for gay!! HAPPY PRIDE!!! *waves rainbow flag*
    That Rimmel pink looks a lot like the China Glaze summer pink, but I bet that it costs less, so thanks for posting!
    ps. I love YAY for GAY, and will now be using it in my everyday life...haha, but seriously. ;)

  3. love that second mani! enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love all those manis! They are so pretty!