Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been a little while. Sorry about that. Between all the Christmas festivities, food poisoning and playing with the kids: it's been kinda busy around here. (Yeah, you heard me, food poison. Blech!!)

So, Today is Monday (I think). I will be sharing the NYE manicure and a few other pics. We are still in Ohio so I am not back to to norm around here. The kids' winter break goes through 1/7. So my posting will continue to be a little wonky.

"Awareness" by Fergie
Isn't she gorgeous!?! My husband got me these. I.Love.Them.
The most perfect pink sparkle/glitter heel. I have 2 weddings this summer. I'm gonna spend the next several months "workin on my fitness" and then dress shop!! I'm thinking something black and fun so the shoes will be the star :)

This is my New Year's Eve mani. It's Rimmel's Black Satin and something silver. Eek. I know, I can't believe I don't recall what the polish is. It's downstairs and I'm feeling especially lazy. It is really pretty. I'll let you know what it was. I wore this with a grey leopard print sleeveless top and loose black sweater & black leggings. No full body shots. Not super excited about the body right now.

Here is a pic right after I finished hair & makeup. I like from the shoulders-up. lol

These are all iPhone pics because I've misplaced my camera. I really don't have time to do all the uploading and editing till I get home anyways. 

I hope everyone is off to a great year!!!

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  1. Girl, you are beautiful! =) LOVE your look, new page, mani...LOVE it all! Hope you're feeling all better! YUCKY! =( Hate when that happens! =( Hope you had an amazing Christmas & that 2012 will be FILLED with your every wish come true! Have a great week! XO