Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nail Files - Week 2

Today I'm linking up with fabulous but evil and My Vickilicious Life. I love link ups so I think this will replace my Manicure Monday. I'm looking forward to all the polish inspiration coming from today's link-up. (My husband- not so much, lol)  Quite obsessed with polish - always have been. In high school I would paint my nails almost every night to coordinate with my outfit.

This week has been busy with cleaning & unpacking so I went with an unusual choice for me, something light and neutral that won't show if it chips. It was a gift from a good friend.

This is "Yummy Mummy
Described as "Our ‘magic’ lacquer. This medium beige colour is simply stunning on EVERY skin colour. If you can’t decide on a lacquer, then we will for you. It’s this." - Butter London website.

I threw on 2 or 3 coats, no base no top coat- very lazy of me, and its been on for 5 days. Very minimal chipping at the edges. Loving this brand. I want several shades from their spring/summer 2012 line.

What will be on your nails this weekend? I'm thinking OPI's Russian Navy or The One that Got Away (both are favorites and my go-to polishes). I'm sure you'll be seeing both from me soon.
Russian Navy - google images

The One That Got Away - google images
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Russian Navy. Always. It's the best! Haha! ;)

  2. What a pretty neutral! I love how it looks on!

    I love Russian Navy, that looks awesome!

    PS be sure to check out my giveaway!

  3. LOVE that butter london nail polish! Such a pretty color!

  4. I always use a nude polish when I'm worried about chips! I have one called Barefoot in Barcelona that's my go to for situations like that.

  5. Love the "one that got away" very pretty!

  6. I've never heard of that brand before but I love your current color! And minimal chipping without topcoat sounds fantastic! I'll have to check it out!

  7. That beige is really pretty - I need to get a beige color for sure!