Tuesday, October 23, 2012

it's been forever.....

I have had nothing to say and too much to say. Ever feel that way? Like your life is so completely overwhelming for a moment and yet completely uninteresting to others?

We are running in circles with speech therapy sessions for my 2 year old who is speech delayed and teacher's meetings and doctor's appointments for my 8 year old who may or may not have ADHD, my 11 year old 'tween is really coming into her 'tude and my baby just started to walk. Eek.

I read so many blogs everyday and I'm so overwhelmed and intimidated. I want to be a cool "blogger". I'm not and that's okay. I'm just mom and I like pretty pictures and need an outlet. So here we are :)

I need to call our insurance company now and argue some more about covering speech therapy so I'll be going now, but I'll leave you with some pictures from our weekend trip to the pumpkin patch.

Have a great day!

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