Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

It is a happy Monday, minus the awful cold I seemed to have caught! I hope everyone's weekend was as  nice as mine. :)

Friday night we celebrated my birthday. I have to say, my 33rd birthday was the best birthday I've had in I-don't-know-how-long. My friend hosted a party for me, I made a yummy dinner, and I got some amazing birthday presents!!

 I have to say, my husband SPOILED me this year! (that Adele item is a record. I love vinyl albums!) The Coach purse he got from a Coach Factory Outlet sale on eBay. I was speechless!! I've wanted a Coach purse forever! It's being shipped to the in-laws in the States. I cannot wait to see it.

I have such sweet generous friends & family! The earrings on the top left are from my dear friend Kate. They are Anthropologie that I had fallen in love with on eBay. I wanted to bid but AJ wouldn't let me b/c I'm not allowed to buy anything before my birthday. I had checked to see if he bought them and when I saw he had NOT I was bummed. Imagine my surprise to get them from Kate! What a sweetie! Then on the left you can see my bestie Charlie and Amber (party hosts) indulged my pink sparkle obsession! Then the bottom items are from my super sweet in-laws. They were in Hawaii in February. I got a gorgeous dress and pearl necklace. My MIL found the pearl in an oyster!! They had it turned into a pendant: so very sweet!! The items not pictured are Starbucks gift cards! Woohoo!!! I have to wait for my gift from my sweet sister-in-law, it's being shipped from Hawaii to Ohio. Aj says I'll love it. AND, the final (and probably best) gift, I get this Thursday... My Mommy is coming to visit for a week!!!

I have not seen my mom since August. She came to meet Tyler after he was born. I am so excited!! She lives in Florida so it makes it hard to visit!

I am such a very blessed girl to have such wonderful people in my life (who happened to spoil me rotten this year!)

OH! And the strawberry cake... so good!!! I calculated the calories after it was made, um, yeah! I may never make this cake again :(

As for the rest of the weekend... Saturday I had a massage and lounged around the house watching movies with my sweetie. And then Sunday, I took Chloe to see Titanic 3D. The 3D was very cool. I love the first 2/3 of the movie. Not so much the last 1/3. I know the boat sinks. I knew it before I saw it the first time... but it's so sad to watch.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear your day was so special-you deserve it!

    I love that Coach handbag too-it's gorgeous!

    Best wishes and hugs from Down Under!
    Natasha in Oz