Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend home, back in Columbus. Lots of friends and family.
 Lots of pictures to share!

On Friday we took the boys to the mall play yard and Ollie encountered his first bully. Ugh, mean little 4 year old. He stood up for himself, good boy! He had so much fun!
 Ty and Mommy at the mall. He was kinda grumpy he couldn't get out and play with the other kids.

Oliver playing captain of the spaceship on the playground.

My bestie Charlie and dear friend Amber hosted a birthday party for me. So sweet!
Yes, that is an eclair with candles in it. I have a serious weakness for donuts! lol
Top Left: me blowing out my donut, Right: presents, cosmo & birthday donut
Bottom Left: Amber & Charlie, Right: me opening presents (those are blinged scissors!!) 

My pretty princess, Chloe! Searching for eggs.

My birthday is in two days. I'm going to be 33. Eek! I actually like the number; I just wish I was back to pre-baby size. I'll get there... eventually.

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