Thursday, March 1, 2012

huge sigh of relief

As you may or may not have been able to see, I live in Canada. We are originally from Columbus, Ohio but now call London, Ontario home. The last three years have flown by and AJ's work permit was in process of being renewed. Apparently the Canadian government was running behind on paperwork so what was a 6-8 week process took 12 weeks and we were freaking out. As in we needed to leave the country prior to March 1, 2012. It came in YESTERDAY. Thank goodness for leap year! I am being a little dramatic. We were on what is called "implied status" because the renewal was in process, however, we could not leave Canada if the new paperwork had not come through. So, the stressful part... spring break starts next weekend (the 10th), my two older children go to their father's back in Ohio (legal visitation stuff...). So, my concern... when I had to go pick them up on the 18th, we would not be able to get home. Did I mention, our medical insurance expired too? No? So, yea...

So yesterday we drove to the border, had to cross to the US and re-enter Canada to access a building we could easily access in Canada, but we needed a cute little piece of yellow paper. On this piece of paper "work permit expires tomorrow". Um, I could have told them that. Oh, yea, we did. But they still made us leave and come back. Oh well. We paid our tolls to and from and finally got the privilege to sit in the customs building for two hours while our documents were renewed.

Thank goodness for electronics! Oliver is playing with daddy's ipod touch, Josh & Chloe are playing with their DS's. Oliver lost interest soon after this picture was taken. We walked in circles and I carried him a lot.

This morning we got to go renew everyone's medical cards. That was long and complicated and Oliver was all over the place. But it's done. All the paperwork is renewed and I can sigh a huge sigh of relief...

Hope you're all doing well and I'll see you tomorrow for the Nail Files, have you painted your nails yet? ;)

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