Thursday, February 23, 2012

what's going on

My poor little Oliver woke up Tuesday a little off. He slept in till almost 9am. Very unusual. He had 2 bites of his breakfast. Very very unusual. (He eats his breakfast and half of mine on a normal day.) He curled up in my lap and stayed there all morning. Very odd. This kid has so much energy (think Tasmanian devil... in a good way). Then he threw up and his low fever got higher. That was it, Daddy scheduled a doctor's appointment. BabyMan had strep and an ear infection. Poor kid. We have turned the corner. His energy is back and he's eating a little bit. Hopefully by tomorrow my little piggy will be back. I was kinda bummed the snuggles only lasted for a day. 

Sick baby snuggles.

12 hours later, already on the mend

24 hours later, aside from a low fever and little appetite, you'd never know he was sick!

So, I'm off to clean some more. I am determined to keep these germs from spreading. I really don't want any of the other kids getting sick. Crossing my fingers!!

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